Peery's Egyptian Theater

Peery's Egyptian Theater

Built in an era of sumptuous movie palaces, the 1924 theater has been returned to its original elegance. Designed to replicate the courtyard between two Egyptian temples, the building was constructed during a time when the discovery of King Tut’s tomb sparked the nation’s interest in Egyptian history and stoked imaginations. Once again, Peery’s Egyptian Theater boasts state-of-the-art technology, including the restored atmospheric lighting which resembles a setting desert sun evolving into a sparkling night cosmos. The modern stage house is designed to accommodate live theater, dance, choral, symphonic and multimedia performances as well as film. The theater is now home to  a performance series, a  film series and is a screening venue for the Sundance Film Festival.

Performance Series

Ogden City, the home of Peery’s Egyptian Theater, boasts a diverse, multi-cultural population. Our performance series reflect the wide range of interests within the surrounding community. Each season, we hand-select eclectic mixes of talents to delight the senses, spark the imagination, and celebrate heritage.   Check with our ticket office for the latest schedule of events.


While it has expanded beyond its movie palace beginnings, Peery’s Egyptian Theater certainly has not forgotten its roots. Along with being a Sundance Film Festival venue, the theater presents numerous films each year.  Come experience the majestic movie experience of the past and see a movie on the big screen accompanied by the “jewel of the theater,” the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.

General Sessions

When planning your next general session, why settle for ordinary auditoriums when you can host your event in Egyptian splendor?  Let Peery’s Egyptian Theater provide you with a unique meeting experience, complete with a host of technological amenities. The theater can accommodate groups of up to 800 attendees. Full and half-day packages are available.

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